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Fine Antique & Vintage Paintings at Bargain Basement Prices!

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Currently in stock we have a diverse selection of paintings for every taste, style and price range, so please bookmark this site as it is updated daily. We also can help you locate specific requests. All pieces are as described,condition guaranteed.Be sure to include your zipcode when emailing for your painting so that we may calculate your shipping charges accurately.Be assured that we keep shipping charges to a minimum and all paintings are carefully and expertly wrapped.

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Portrait Miniature A gorgeous maritime oil on canvas dating to 19th C,lovingly painted in true naive style using a pleasing palette of colors, it measures 14 1/2 X 19 inches in its onate gilt frame. Nautical lovers. this beauty is truly a MUST HAVE for your collection! Painting shows one tear in sky,& minor chipping to frame that has been touched up, all very easily restorable.

Price: $119.00  Please order no. 930782

landscape IMPRESSIVE oil on board signed illegibly lower right dating to the mid 1900's. The talented artist has beautifully rendered this impressionist painting of an Indian Summer countryside. An appealing color  palette and crisp perspective make for a charming composition. It comes encased in handsome wood frame and measures 19 X  23 inches.

Price: $49.99 Please order no. 284158

This breathtaking European Lake Scene is a feast for the eyes, depicting the picturesque Konigsee in Germany.Signed by the artist,  Bogle it measures 19 X 35 inches.This beauty dates to late 50's and comes housed in a handsome silvery wood frame. Condition is good with 4 smaller then 1/4 inch puncture holes, easily repairable.

Price: $49.99  Please order no. 927773

A fabulous and very rare oil portrait on academy board of the jungle boy! Could it have been salvaged from Tarzans tent?? A most impressive work to add to your african collection and the perfect touch to your out of africa, old world, jungle interior. Comes encased in a shabby chic chippy gold wood frame.

Price: $39.99  Please order no. 40944105

Simply charming and naively rendered. This wonderful oil on board,of fisherman and lake scene is a MUST HAVE for any avid collector of American Folk Art!It measures in its wonderful gilt frame that shows very minor chipping, 16 X 23 inches.

Price: $89.99  Please order no.39929671

This skillfully rendered oil on canvas has an intriquing beauty to it. Colors are mellow and the style is loose and ethereal, with a wonderful play on light and shadows. It measures 14 X 16 inches and is unsigned.

Price: $45.00  Please order no.429334194

A serene panoramic oil on canvas with great stone bridge by well listed artist T. Bailey!(Davenports,Malletts, Whos Who in Art) This simple yet lovely work measures 16 X 20 inches, is unframed and signed by the artist lower left. Great condition and a wonderful mellow color palette.

Price: $49.00  Please order no. 444758685

A SPLENDID 19th century antique oil on board of irresistable red roses naively painted against a gradient background,typical of the Victorian era. SIMPLY DIVINE this classic Victorian jewel measures 24 X 17 inches, encased in a fabulous heavy and deep gilt gesso frame.

Price: $99.00  Please order no. 439932842

A true example of early and very primitive folk art! This little painting is so naively and simply done, yet exudes a TON of CHARM!! It depicts a castle and buildings on the sea coast with sailing ships. Encased in a FABULOUS gilt gesso frame, it measures 13 X 17 inches and is a must have if you are a FOLK ART purist and appreciate the primitive style.It dates to the turn of the century and is painted on grey academy board which still retains the original label.

Price: $39.00  Please order no.434781042

A wonderful antique Winter Landscape oil on academy board. Like a scene out of Currier and Ives, this pretty painting will charm you! Signed AW Moore '56 this folky work measures 23 X 17 inches in its fabulous ornate frame .

Price: $79.00  Please order no.428614363

A wonderful Vintage Oil on Board depicting the lovely countryside, and a farmer leading a cow and waterwagon through the river. This bucolic scene has a charming rustic flavor to it and measures 21 X 25 inches in a wonderful wood and gold frame and is signed lower left Dudley. It could easily be one of the many listed Dudleys as it is masterfully rendered with obvious skill by the artist.

Price: $79.00  Please order no.429314068

What a charming painting this one is AND what a MAGNIFICENT frame! Done in a wonderful naive style it is PERFECT for your shabby interior. Signed, it measures 23 X 27 inches including the AWESOME ornate vintage frame.

Price: $39.00  Please order no.29342230

This old beauty exudes charming folk art appeal, with old yellow colonial house,horse drawn sled all tucked into a quaint snowy landscape. Signed lower right Ruth Wall it measures 19 X 17 inches and is STRIKING!

Price: $39.00  Please order no.443608061

This pretty oil on canvas laid on masonite is beautiful! With sharp detail and luscious woodsy colors the talented artist has captures a quiet spot by an old stone bridge perfectly. It is monogrammed lower left GMG and comes unframed.

Price: $44.00  Please order no. 443839459

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