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Fine Antique & Vintage Paintings at Bargain Basement Prices!


A gorgeous oil on canvas dating to pre 1900's,depicting a raging cerulean blue sea tossing about sailing ships. A lighthouse and buildings are seen in the distance. Lovingly painted in true naive style using a pleasing palette of colors that are still vibrant today, it measures 14 1/2 X 19 inches in its wonderful onate gilt frame. Nautical lovers, Folk Art collectors, this beauty is truly a MUST HAVE for your collection! Condition is good, one tear in sky and minor chipping to frame that has been touched up, all very easily restorable.
Price: $119.99  Please order no. 930782 

An IMPRESSIVE oil on board signed illegibly lower right dating to the mid 1900's. The talented artist has beautifully rendered this impressionist painting of an Indian Summer countryside. An appealing color  palette and crisp perspective make for a charming composition. It comes encased in handsome wood frame and measures 19 X  23 inches.Price: $49.99  Please order no. 284158 

This breathtaking European Lake Scene is a feast for the eyes! A majestic, well rendered ooil on canvas, it depicts the picturesque Konigsee in Germany, and is signed by the artist,  Bogle and measures 19 X 35 inches.This beauty dates to late 50's and comes housed in a handsome silvery wood frame. Condition is good with 4 smaller then 1/4 inch puncture holes, easily repairable. Price: $49.99  Please order no. 927773.